instalation "waiting for echo" 2011

instalation "Echo", 2011
materials: TV noise, earth

"Echo" installation was a space prepared by Szpunar for artists whom he chose and invited to transform his "Echo"giving it an individual dimension.

- Adam Gruba, Tadeusz Nowak, Jolanta Przytuła, Tomasz Prymon, Michalina Rolnik are artists interfering in the space of my speach, processing it by creating their own messages. I am the author of echoes, the echo of words.

Curator: Szymon Maliborski

The Echo Dimensions project is an individual exhibition of Kamil Szpunar, a graduate of the Faculty of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Its basic assumption is the desire to check a certain conviction that the creative expression - the voice extracted from the artist returns to it filtered by the world as the voice of "another" - an echo. In this case, the search covers the area related to the relation of the language of nature to human messages, when both forms of communication enter into dialogue. The above reflection translates into aesthetics with a minimalist and conceptual pedigree,
in a set of works created when the artist tried to bridge the gap between the "classical" sculpture conceived as a closed body and a new way of understanding creative expression, where it becomes important to engage space and speak for using the relationships that take place in it. The exhibition is an attempt to transfer the experience gained by the artist in the work with the landscape, in this case, the extensive role of half after the spring plowing,
in the gallery area. The homogeneity and monotony of the earth, the unordered forms of nature is the ground on which the language of artistic forms becomes visible. At the same time, due to its variability, the environment has the potential to modify the creator's actions, whose works processed by time and space return as a kind of echo - the same voice subjected to modification. A similar process can be repeated in the exhibition space, where the factor of change is another creator and the ground for modifying the existing context and the tradition it runs.

In a situation in which every activity of an artist - understood as an orderly communication - can form the basis of common creative knowledge, a set of inspirations, the project is a question about artistic repetition. He tries to follow the relation of appropriating and referring to the existing context by the artists invited to participate. He makes an individual object susceptible to modification to function as a space for the creativity of others.

It is a place where the curator does not control all the meanings that can escape in different directions, there is uncertainty about what may happen, but also with openness. In the rhythm of the following weeks, the exhibition space will be a support for the intervention of invited artists. Guided by their own sensitivity and awareness of the medium in which they have to work on a daily basis, they will face the task of "fitting in" within the framework of their performance or means characteristic of artistic installations.

Tadeusz Nowak "Point" first echo
link to performance point

Tomasz Prymon work "Between" second echo

Jolanta Przytuła work " Tent"  third echo

Adam Gruba "Golem 1" fourth echo
link to performance golem1

Michalina Rolnik "Konstelakcja" fifth echo
Last Echo

"0=1" Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Solvay

instalation " Sacra conversatione " 2014

instalation " Sacra conversatione " 2014


work " where do we come from, what are we, what are we waiting for "

"sorry... it's nothing personal" 2010
plexi 70x70cm

"sorry... it's nothing personal" 2010
plexi 70x70cm